So advanced it pulls heat out of thin air

The new air source heat pump was designed to efficiently cool your house in the summer, and then provide supplemental heat for your furnace during the cold winter season. The modern air source heat pump is clean, quiet and extremely cost effective.

In the winter, a special refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air which is then pumped indoors by a high-tech compressor. Air in the home passes through a heat exchanger and is heated by the refrigerant. It is then circulated throughout your home at the temperature you desire. In the summer, the process is reversed to turn the air source heat pump into a high-efficiency air conditioner that cools your home. You get low-cost air conditioning as well as home heating in a single, efficient system.

An air source heat pump can be installed to work in conjunction with your existing forced air furnace. At temperatures down to 25°F, it’s more than twice as efficient as the highest-efficiency gas or oil furnace. In fact, it supplies two to three times more heat for your family than the electric energy it uses. Below 25°F, the pump allows your existing furnace to take over.

Fresh Air

An air source heat pump operates on clean, efficient, and safe electricity. It has no flames or fumes to pollute the air inside your home. Because it requires little energy to operate, it not only conserves your money, it conserves our precious natural resources.