Any person, firm, association or corporation may become a member of Taylor Electric Cooperative by signing and submitting an application for service in the form below. There is no membership fee. New members may be required to put forward a deposit in accordance with cooperative policy. All new service is also subject to a non-refundable service charge/connection fee. See memos below for more information.

Taylor Electric Cooperative will render service to all consumers within its service area who apply for membership and service from the Cooperative in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Cooperative. All facilities installed by the Cooperative shall remain the property of the Cooperative, unless stated elsewhere. The extension routes, type of construction, whether overhead or underground, shall be determined by the Cooperative depending on location, terrain and soil conditions, subject to other provisions of this policy. Read more in the memos below and call Taylor Electric Cooperative at 715-678-2411 with questions about new service.

New Electric Service Application  (Before clicking this link, please read all instructions.)

You can submit your New Electric Service Application electronically to

1. Click the link.

2. DOWNLOAD the form.

3. Save the file on your device.

4. Retrieve the saved file to complete and digitally sign the form.

5. Email to:

Download the memos below as references to procedures followed for new services.

Membership, Deposits & Connection Fees

Line Extension Policy

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