Protect your home electronics from power surges!

Damaging surges may enter your home through phone lines, cable or satellite TV hardware, as well as through the power lines. It’s important to protect all possible points of entry, particularly if there is expensive equipment connected. Taylor Electric has surge suppressors available at the office. Stop by or call 715-678-2411 for more information.

Minor fluctuations in the electric power supply can become a serious concern for today’s sophisticated electronics. From computers and direct broadcast satellite systems to VCRs, microwave ovens and advanced heating systems, many high-tech electronics respond to even the briefest electrical variations and power surges. Surges cannot only destroy expensive electronics, but they can also cause gradual deterioration of the electronics in these items.

The electricity supplied by the Dairyland System of cooperatives is clean, quality power but power surges can happen. One frequent cause of surges is lightning. Worldwide, lightning strikes every 14 seconds, and when it occurs in our area, it can cause significant damage to your electronic equipment. Also, there are other, more common causes of power surges that can be damaging. Surges can also occur when a tree, bird or squirrel touches a power line. Poor grounding of the electrical system can contribute to many power quality problems. Proper grounding is essential for safe and reliable operation of today’s sensitive electronic equipment. Improper or faulty wiring may be another source of power surges. Many people are surprised to learn that the normal operation of large appliances can cause surges as they cycle on and off. Whatever the cause, power surges can be costly. They can damage virtually any electrical equipment that you may use. Protection is a simple fix, buy a surge suppressor at Taylor Electric.

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